sexta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2010

save yourself.

I had a dream and you were not there, I miss you baby. There's not our game anymore , you are gone and I don't wanna be alone.

Let me crazy,make me feel bad, hurt me, eat me, spit me, let me dirty .. oh I like to be your trash it's make feel broken and nobody knows kill me like you my sweet. Touch me, use me, hit me, go away... and let me in the first empty street .

Not that I like being alone, but you know, do anything and I'll always be here . Not that I like to be hurt, but you know my love, hurt me all you want but please let it be you and I'll be fine...I swear when you get back I'll be ready for something new, do the way you want but please at least sometimes, make me . Because I just like to be wasteful when it's you who makes me feel this way. Thanks baby for our love perfect, Thanks!

Now I hear his steps slow and I'll burn everything that I wrote about you, and nobody hears, it's time dear ... I'm ready to be destroyed for your love . Provided it's for you.
"All in all is are we are " .

/Esse texto eu escrevi pra um amigo meu, que tem um amor exatamente assim, eu só quero que ele saiba que o drama pode machucar as vezes. E a parte em italico é do Kurt Cobain.