segunda-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2012

just pretend it, baby, just a little longer ...

It's late but we fail to remember the clock for a while now. I'm not your kind of girl, at least I don`t think I am. I do not deserve this. You're just too much. A lot to me. And I just wanted a chance to make you mine for a moment. If it is not asking too much: can you pretend you like it? You can pretend I'm important? Oh baby, you would make me so happy.
I had my breakfast late, almost missed the bus, got fired, I was refused a passport, this all is so difficult and so confused with this distance. Igor, cry for me? Cry for me ... Pretend that you care and I'll pretend it's true. I swear when we are closer will not be so sloppy.
I know I had so many calls this afternoon, I do not want to force you to be mine. But pretend you're on my side and everything will seem easier. I do not want to comb your hair, but what the fuck, am I a woman?! I know I am a woman now, but doens`t matter cause I'm not your wife! We must find a way to heal me of this disease.
Pretend that you care, Igor, please, pretend you are by my side ... it has done more effect than anti-depressants I have taken. My wrists do not bear his absence, they bleed when you do not mind me. Pretend that you care, my love, I just want to make you call me love.
The midnight has been so depressing, I hate crying, but I'm too hurt to get that distance again. I do not care why you spit me out, scratch me, hit me, but pretend you care, pretend to feel my pain and everything will be easier, easier to love, much easier.
And when they find my body, I will have left a note saying not to bother him anymore. But promise me something, anything, and I'll feel better. Do you mind pretending to be mine for a few more dreams?